General information

The Company's mission is to promote and practically implement international best practices of corporate management in order to ensure stable functioning and efficient development of private for-profit companies that operate in the Russian Federation.

This objective is achieved through expert services of development and implementation of corporate standards, using the methods of business continuity management, risk management, quality management etc.

As a corporate entity, the Company has the status of a micro-enterprise.  Their decision about the Company's format was the result of comprehensive evaluation of the Russian market of expert services.  The preferential tax system, specifics of expert procedures, and preparedness to assume personal responsibility for the results of work - all these factors were decisive to choose the legal status for the Company.

It would not be exaggeration to say that the Company's team of experts is composed of some of the best specialists in the field of corporate standardization, risk management and compliance evaluation in such sectors as construction, our production, machine building, telecommunications, consumer  and B2B services.

A moderate pricing policy, true orientation towards the consumer, and impeccable quality of professional services: these are the three whales on which the Company rests.

Regardless of the type of service- be it development or examination of corporate standards, single time consulting or comprehensive expert support - the Company guarantees professional approach to all work, and processing and presentation of the results.


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