Expert examination of corporate standards by the Company's experts in compliance with the requirements of the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 1.6 is subdivided into:

  • general examination;
  • specialized examination.

General examination includes:

  • verification;
  • technical examination;
  • terminology examination;
  • legal examination.

The substance of verification is that the standard is verified for compliance with existing requirements to this structure, contents, exposition and form of standards.

Technical examination of corporate standards represents third-party verification of managerial, procedural and technical solutions for compliance with the original project requirements, and analysis of possible conflict of interest.

Terminology examination envisages check for correct use of terms, concepts and definitions.

Legal examination insurers that the provisions of the corporate standard are compliant with the mandatory requirements of legal acts and regulations in the scope of application of the corporate standard.

Specialized examination can be used for two and more standards (drafts) that regulate the same field of standardization.  The purpose of such examination is to evaluate and select the optimum standard from a number of options proposed by multiple developing groups.  Such examination can also be used with technical and technological documentation for products and processes.


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