Development of standards

The Company provides the services to develop corporate standards for management systems and technical standards.

Objects of standardization can be products, services, operating processes and procedures, personnel, infrastructure components and logistical resources, production environment, and processes of corporate management.

Development of corporate standards is a package of activities that includes:

  • survey - polling among representatives of the client entity, analysis of the field for standardization, and identification of professional risks;
  • presented a report on the results of survey, and coordination of the list of standardization objects with the client;
  • formalized description of the scope, structure and requirements to deliverables of the corporate standard;
  • analysis of legal acts and regulations, applicable standards, to determine the legal grounds for operation of the objects of standardization;
  • developing a draft corporate standard with subsequent verification;
  • coordination of the draft corporate standard with the client’s representatives, to amend and finalized the ultimate version of the draft corporate standard;
  • arranging for and/or conducting examination of customized draft corporate standard (if required);
  • expert support for implementation and practical validation of the corporate standard.

The above list of stages meets the requirements of the national standardization system of the Russian Federation regulated in national standards GOST R 1.0 – GOST R 1.12 and Federal Act ‘Technical Regulation in the Russian Federation’.

The original format of corporate regulations developed by the Company's specialists is in conformity with the requirements of GOST R 1.4-2004 ‘Corporate Standards.  General Provisions’, and compliance with the provisions of ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2. If customers present special requirements to the format, the corporate standard can be developed to meet such requirements.

The texts of standards are written in the Russian language.  The style of discourse and the language of the text ensure that standards need no additional adaptation before they are translated into any foreign language.


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